Digital Media Academy Tech Camps at NYU

Digital Media Academy runs one of its most popular tech summer camps at NYU from The King Juan Carlos I of Spain Center. In our STEM programs, kids and teens can learn animation, produce their own music, make and edit a short film, or code their own robots, all while exploring one of the most vibrant cities in the world.

Students will eat lunch in the NYU dining halls and be inspired by our accomplished instructors, all while pursuing their passion and making new friends. Students will even get a head start on a great portfolio that they can show off on college applications. All of our courses are designed with 21st-century skills in mind – with a focus on teaching creativity, collaboration, and communication. Students will learn to work with their peers while exploring different approaches to problem-solving.

NYU Campus Facts

New York University was founded in 1831 and is a vital part of New York’s history and culture. The campus is unique in that it is not hidden behind walls and is instead interwoven into the city. The mixture of culture and higher learning has drawn many people to the classrooms of NYU, including author Howard Zinn and Academy-Award winning director Martin Scorsese. NYU has also distinguished itself as a center of scientific discovery. Professors and physicists from NYU are part of the team that discovered the Higgs boson. Another team, led by Dr. David Levy, discovered a new way that HIV-1 reproduces.

NYU is a globally recognized institution and operates campuses in many countries, such as Germany, Argentina, Ghana, Italy, England, Spain, France, China, Israel, and the Czech Republic. The 229-acres of campus in Greenwich Village makes up one of the most unique universities in the world and New York City is the perfect home.

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