UC San Diego Tech Camps

Since 2004, Digital Media Academy has been offering tech summer camps for kids and teens in San Diego. Students have an opportunity to experience college life at the picturesque beachside campus of UC San Diego, one of our most esteemed locations. In modern tech classrooms, students can learn to build a whole new world, make their own short film, design a video game, and more.

Staff and students love teaching and learning at our UC San Diego summer camp. Our staff members promote diversity and often collaborate across tech disciplines, both in the classroom and in their own professional pursuits. Elementary, middle school and high school students will meet like-minded peers as they work on creative projects like developing a new app, coding their own website, or finishing a film project.

UC San Diego Campus Facts

UC San Diego was founded in 1960 and quickly rose to prominence as a research institution. $1 billion annually is used to further our knowledge on projects researching topics such as climate change, biotechnology, new computer programming languages, oceanography, and more. Research done at UC San Diego led to the development of Pascal, which in turn led to the development of Java (a coding language we all know and love). UC San Diego isn’t just a hub for scientific progress as it also is a home for many artists. The campus features the Geisel Library, named and inspired by the works of Theodor Seuss Geisel, better known as Dr. Seuss.

The 30,000 students who go there have a wide variety of opportunities available to them as UC San Diego offers 125 undergrad degree programs and 75 graduate degrees. The university inspires excellence in all who step foot on its campus.

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